What do moose eat?

Moose are large, herbivorous mammals that are native to North America. They feed on a variety of plants, including grasses, herbs, and shrubs. In the summer and fall, moose will eat a wide range of vegetation, including leaves, flowers, and other types of plants. In the winter, when their preferred food sources are scarce, moose may eat twigs, bark, and other woody plants.

Moose are selective feeders, which means that they are choosy about the types of plants that they eat. They typically prefer to eat high-quality forage, such as fresh, green vegetation, and they may avoid eating certain plants if they are old, tough, or bitter-tasting.

In addition to foraging for food in the wild, some moose may also be fed by humans. For example, in national parks or other protected areas, moose may be fed hay or other types of supplemental food to help them survive during the winter months. However, this practice is not without controversy, as some experts argue that feeding moose can alter their natural behavior and make them more dependent on human assistance.

Overall, moose are adaptable animals that can survive in a variety of different habitats. They are an important part of the North American ecosystem, and their populations are carefully managed and protected by conservationists and wildlife managers.

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