Rocky Mountain Hiking Tour

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Embark on an awe-inspiring adventure through the majestic Rocky Mountain National Park, where nature's wonders reach their pinnacle. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey that will immerse you in breathtaking landscapes and bring you face to face with the untamed wildlife that calls this sanctuary home.

Our 3-4 hour hiking tours are tailor-made to suit your every desire, ensuring an experience like no other. As you traverse the rugged terrains on foot and by vehicle, you'll be captivated by the endless vistas and exhilarating encounters at every turn.

Prepare to be amazed as you witness the thriving ecosystem of the park come to life before your very eyes. Marvel at the grace and majesty of elk, mule deer, moose, and other remarkable creatures that roam freely in their natural habitat. With miles of trails at your disposal, you'll have ample opportunities to observe and capture stunning photographs of wildlife, serene lakes, and awe-inspiring landscapes.

Prepare to be humbled by the sheer power and beauty of glacial rips that sculpted the earth and formed the magnificent mountain ranges that dominate the horizon. Traverse through the distinct ecosystems of the park, from the vibrant montane to the ethereal subalpine and finally, the awe-inspiring alpine.

As stewards of this pristine wilderness, we adhere strictly to Leave No Trace practices, ensuring the preservation of this natural wonder for future generations to cherish. And as you venture deeper into the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park, let us regale you with captivating tales of its rich history, revealing the remarkable journey that led to its breathtaking appearance today.

Prepare to have your senses awakened and your spirit ignited as you embark on a transformative adventure through Rocky Mountain National Park, where nature's grandeur and untamed beauty await your exploration.
A half a day experiencing Rocky Mountain National Park and all of its world-renowned beauty and towering mountain landscapes.

Trip Highlights

  • RMNP Entrance Fee - Included
  • RMNP Timed Entry Fee - Included
  • No time constraints 
  • Wildlife viewing and photography opportunities - elk, mule deer, moose, sheep and other animals in the park
  • Hiking miles to observe, and photograph wildlife, lakes and landscapes
  • Local ecology first hand learning experiences on wildlife, flora, and geology 
  • Traversing amongst the ecosystems of the park - montane, subalpine and alpine
  • Adhere to Leave No Trace practices
  • Listen along to a history lesson and story of how RMNP came to appear as it does today

    Details about RMNP

    Rocky Mountain National Park is the 5th largest national park in the United States and one of the best in the country for viewing wildlife. Over 4.6 million visitors come every year from around the world. RMNP is one of the nations highest parks by elevation with 77 peaks over 12,00ft in height. The park is renowned for its over 355 miles of hiking trails ranging from flat and hilly meadows to steep mountain climbs.

    Length of Excursion

    • 3-4 hrs

    Age restrictions

    All ages are welcome.

    Group Size Details

    • 1-6
    • this rate is per car NOT per person

    Physical Activity level

    Moderate - The air is thinner at higher altitudes so all physical activity can be a challenge. You should plan to walk/hike for this tour. It is not a stationary/in-car experience beyond driving to a destination, which we will then begin our excursions outside of the vehicles.


    This trip's physical activity is rated Moderate. At higher elevations, it is common to become short of breath walking.

    Your comfort level is our priority so we cater our route, destinations and plans based on your group(all adults, adults+kids, etc). Our guides will personally call you after booking to outline and cover these important details of your group to ensure everyone has an amazing trip. There is no such thing as 1 size fits all excursions, so our focus is on personalization.

    What's Included

    Professional guide and instruction; snacks; water filter; group first aid kit; reservation timed permit fees; binoculars; group photo; candid photography; portrait photography; dad jokes.

    Every trip is unique, so our excursions are unstructured. Wildlife move, traffic jams happen, and the park is so large our options are vast and plentiful. 

    Park vehicle entrance fee($30) - included

    Park timed entry fee - included


    Traveling in the park will be done by your own vehicle transportation. We will have radios to communicate en route to our respective destinations within the park, and while hiking. Cell phones service is unreliable due to the mountains and natural areas.

    Packed by us

    • Water filter
    • Photography equipment
    • Sunscreen
    • Snacks
    • Group medical kit
    • GPS
    • Emergency Radio
    • Maps
    • Trekking poles
    • Camera equipment
    • Lens
    • Tripods

    Packed/Worn by you

    • Sunscreen
    • Hat
    • +62oz water bottle(Nalgene/Hydroflask/Yeti) or Camelbak bladder
    • Water in your water bottle
    • Hiking boots or supportive shoes(no open toe sandals)
    • Long sleeve lightweight tops
    • Pants - lightweight; not jeans(optional)
    • Fleece jacket or insulated vest
    • Beanie(optional)
    • Lightweight winter gloves(optional)
    • Rain jacket or poncho
    • Medications needed
    • Personal camera equipment

    Contact for questions


    We start our excursions on time in rain, shine, snow or sleet. Please call 24hrs in advance if you are concerned about the weather, and want to reschedule.

    Cancellation policy

    Full refund if 24hrs notice is provided. Less than 24hrs will require a gift card or reschedule.

    This is not a bus tour. Please ensure your vehicle has a full tank of gas. 

    Rocky Mountain Hiking Tour

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